"Call it contemporary" was the first contemporary art exhibition in Matenadaran (Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts). The challenge of the exhibition was to respect the architecture and the traditional approach of the museum but simultaneously create an atmosphere of the new cultural wave with fresh ideas and imagination. The corridor was the exhibition venue, and all constructions had to be modular and not damage the interior walls. The measurements of the space dictated the choice of the artwork. However, the most exciting and curatorial challenge was to gather contemporary artists who could showcase Armenian art's different tendencies and personalities from various media. Seeing the completed site of the exhibition was satisfying because the works of 15 creators matched just like a good play in a theatre.

Architect: Akop Iskudarian
Art Director: Ksenia Lukyanova

Exhibition supported by Orion Summit 2022
List of artists:

  • Gayane Barkhudaryan
  • Veronika Barseghyan
  • Armen Hakobjanyan
  • Sona Khachikyan
  • Svetlana Khachatryan
  • Manvel Matevosyan
  • Shahane Shahbazyan
  • Lilit Mikoyan
  • Zack Demirtshyan
  • Ochre.origins
  • Anush Ghukasyan
  • Rima Nanyan
  • Khoren Matevosyan
  • Ani Arakelyan
  • Areg Movsisyan

    Paintings of Svetlana Khachatryan and Armen Hakobjanyan
    Ceramic works of Veronika Barseghyan and paintings of Gayane Barkhudaryan
    Monotype prints of Roma Nanyan
    Sculptures of Manvel Matevosyan
    Prints of Kupikazu (Khoren Matevosyan, Ani Arakelyan, Areg Movsisyan)

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