Curation of Nerka Design Happening – an exhibit of product design.
We aimed at creating a space for inspiration and connection. For this purpose the IZBA project designers from Russia were invited to share their experience with Armenian colleagues.
The former building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Yerevan, Armenia
June 2018
The exhibition took place in the former building of MFA on the Republic Square (architects: S. Safaryan, M.Manvelyan, 1953).

"As Architects we respect space, especially one surrounded with historical context. In this instance we found the use of mirrors and abstract shapes to be the best formula for Nerka. We were able to reflect the surroundings through abstract, custom-made displays, to cosily house modern works of art, while not taking anything away from the historical interior."

Pavilion designers: Bardi Studio
Guests of the exhibitions were designers of IZBA project, which, we hoped, could be an inspiration for Armenian designers.
IZBA is a curated project presenting 8 independent Russian designers. In April 2014, the group debuted with curated projects during Milan design week in Ventura Lambrate district. The idea of the project was to research and rethink a typical Russian dwelling — «izba» and old Russian traditions.
Pavilions of Vahan Avankian, Vahan Stepanyan and Storaket Architectural studio
The designers of NDH
Vahan Stepanyan
Tigran Hamalbashyan
Storaket Architectural Studio
Gor Shahbazyan
Eduard Vaneskehyan
Veronika Barseghyan
Sarko Meené
Svetlana Khachatryan
Vahan Avakian
Arsen Shur Karapetyan
Katia Tolstykh
Yaroslav Misonzhnikov
Sveta Gerasimova
Facultative Works
Maxim Maximov
Alexander Kanygin
Ania Druzhinina
Nerka design happening
We sought to showcase the ways in which design thinking and techniques could differ from one another. The examples of modular design, responsible design raising questions of ecology, parametric design, craft of slow-stitching and many other forms of designing were presented at the exhibitions. It was a true challenge to gather our contributing designers. In several cases, we had to motivate them or ask them to remember the ideas they put and left on the paper many years ago.
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